Columbia Tribune Article

By Roger McKinney Posted Sep 29, 2018 at 2:01 PM Separate education research grants in progress at the University of Missouri may help English language learners understand algebra and open careers in STEM fields to students with disabilities. The projects also have implications related to legislation approved in Missouri to create an online science, technology, engineering and match curriculum. The first … Continue reading Columbia Tribune Article

Choosing Math Tasks for ELLs

This is the first of my #ShareMathEdResearch summaries. This is a work in progress. I welcome comments and questions on the format. Is it helpful? Are there other things that would be helpful to know? Are there some parts that aren't necessary? Is this a helpful summary for practitioners and the public? Etc. Article This … Continue reading Choosing Math Tasks for ELLs

New TEEM Article

We investigated one teacher’s decisions in response to the difference between the intended meaning of a mathematical problem and her student’s understanding. The student—an English language learner—had a different interpretation of the mathematical scenario related to one particular clause in the problem that was, ironically, intended to be explanatory but ended up obscuring intended meaning and therefore impacted the student’s solution.