New Curriculum Inquiry Article

An article from my dissertation study was finally published! It took awhile, but I am proud of how it came out. Here is the reference:

de Araujo, Z. (in press). Connections between secondary mathematics teachers’ beliefs and their selection of tasks for English language learners. Curriculum Inquiry

The big takeaway from this article is this: What is intuitive regrading teaching mathematics with English learners is often not what is best.

Abstract: The tasks teachers select impact students’ opportunities to learn mathematics and teachers’ beliefs influence their choice of tasks. Through the qualitative analysis of surveys, interviews and classroom artefacts from three secondary mathematics teachers, this study examined teachers’ selection of mathematics tasks for English language learners (ELLs). In particular, this study explored teachers’ beliefs about ELLs and the ways in which those beliefs manifested in their selection of tasks. In order to accommodate ELLs, the teachers selected tasks that were repetitive, procedure-focused and devoid of context. The teachers’ choice of tasks stemmed from their beliefs about ELLs’ mathematical and linguistic abilities. Furthermore, the teachers often referred to ELLs as a homogenous group and this generalization, coupled with beliefs about ELLs’ mathematical and linguistic abilities, was evident in their task selections. The findings suggest a need to critically examine the potential impact of seemingly benign teaching practices and the beliefs underlying them.


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