I’ve been thinking about ways to share research papers more widely. Often, our work is behind paywalls and subject to copyright. This makes it inaccessible or difficult to access for many people. How do we change that? I’m going to try to make my work more accessible by sharing key findings and implications from my work on this site and also via social media. I’m going to tag these posts with #ShareMathEdResearch and hope others take up this work as well.

Options for accessing one of my recent articles

I understand it is not possible to communicate all the ins and outs of a paper in a short post, and that’s really not the point. The point is to share knowledge more broadly. People can still seek out full papers, this is just another way to communicate our work. Maybe these posts can be shared with policy makers, practitioners, those outside our field, and even our families. Here are some questions that I plan to answer in these posts:

  • Why did I do the study? (rationale)
  • What/who did I study? (research questions, context, participants)
  • What did I find? (key evidence-based findings)
  • What are the implications for practice? (in light of the findings these are the takeaways)

In addition, I’ll try to adhere to the following:

  • Keep it accessible
  • Keep it brief

I’m eager to hear others’ thoughts on these questions and criteria. Are there things missing? Would this be helpful? Are these the right questions and criteria? I’ll try this out in a subsequent post and I hope you do too.

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