TODOS Podcast Episodes

Did you know TODOS has a podcast? If not, you should definitely check it out. The podcast highlights different aspects of equity and mathematics education. I have had the pleasure to be a guest on the podcast twice.

Season 1 Episode 6: Multilingual Students in High School Math Classrooms

In December 2019, I joined the Podcast to talk with Maria Zavala (host) and Griselda (teacher) about teaching multilingual students.

Many of us are familiar with techniques to support our multilingual (ie, English learning) students in our classrooms. But is what we are doing helping our students to learn mathematics while also learning English? In many schools, that twin focus on learning math and learning English is raising new questions, reflections, and thoughts for teachers. Myself (Maria), Zandra de Araujo (of U of Missouri), and Griselda, a teacher from southern California, discuss what we know about supporting ELs, and how, in Griselda’s words, being the best teacher you can be for your students is “a journey.”

Listen to the Podcast Below

TODOS Podcast Season 1 Episode 6

Season 2 Episode 3 Research on Multilingual Learners in Mathematics Classrooms

In September 2020, I joined the Podcast to talk with Maria Zavala (host) and my TEEM co-editors (Bill Zahner, Sarah Roberts, and Craig Willey) about our special issues on multilingual students.

Today our guests are the guest editors of a new two-part special issue of Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics (TEEM)on multilingual learners in mathematics classrooms. Zandra de Araujo, Sara Roberts, Craig Willey and Bill Zahner as the talk about the new research articles, translanguaging, and the connections between teaching mathematics to multilingual students and current debates on immigration.

Listen to the Podcast Below

TODOS Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

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